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Authenticate the site My Site Explorer

Started in 2005 Yahoo! Site Explorer is designed to encourage webmasters to feedback between the owner of the website and search for professionals Yahoo. Research is to improve poor reputation for customer service to respond to search queries or complaints and classification Start directly hoped that this direct approach would be to inspire a change in public opinion.

Home Site Explorer continues to provide the owner of the site operator, a reliable interface forAccess to the following information and useful services Webmaster:

complete list of all the pages of a website domain, or path.

Back-links (such as Yahoo calls them “in-link”) for both site-domains and paths.

Free or bulk single submission of websites that are not yet indexed by Yahoo Search. Most of the model method requires that site owners / webmaster of the address (URL) to locate a text file containing the list of onlineURLs will be presented.

Download up to 1000 results in TSV format.

To further recognize the benefits of Yahoo! Site Explorer, Webmaster / site) s must authenticate their Web site (; associated initiatives. This allows for further consideration of important reports that provide detailed information on each site contained within the website (s) This includes SEO treasure.:

The last time that your site has been indexed by YahooSlurp.

The language of the page.

A list of subdomains that Yahoo has been identified.

RSS or Atom Feed submission and management.

Automatic Update Notification Service page allows you to report Yahoo! when Web pages were updated to a new scan of the promotion.

For truly, and Yahoo to show a website! Are you the site owner or webmaster, you should follow these steps:

Log in to Yahoo!Site Explorer.
Enter the URL of the website, where a personal site, and then click the Add button to my site. The website “My Sites” is open.
Find the URL of your site, and then click the Authentication button next to your URL. We will review the page that shows how to use the upload file, or a meta tag verification method.

Once the review page opens, you must choose one of two methods of authentication for your siteOwnership:

To download the file to verify your site:

Download the authentication key.
Download the file to your test site to the root of your website.
If the file is successfully loaded, click on the button ready for authentication.

Or you can add a meta tag to your homepage:

Copy the meta tag and paste it into your website home page, the first head section of the site before the first body section.
Once the meta tagis added, click the button ready for authentication.

My authenticate a Web Site Explorer provides website owners / webmasters to access detailed information regarding the over-all features of a particular site. most cases, authentication on the Yahoo Web site owned, within 24 hours. To view the status of authentication of the site for personal sites in Site Explorer, go and check the Status field, next to the URL you want. Once the site authenticationsuccessful website owners / webmasters can start to build a closer relationship between the website (s) are optimization and search engine Yahoo! enormous.

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