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Three ways to affect the merger Yahoo MSN search engine optimizers

In a world where five search engines (Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google and Ask.com), there was once only a group of engines is now. The leaders of the flock have fallen rapidly in recent years, starting from the day started with Google to provide search results to AOL and lost his place as the search giant. Then Ask.com has announced that he would leave the general search engines to focus on a niche market game. Finally Home recently announced that it will beginBing-algorithm for the search results to its users. With this revelation, the search engine market, fell to just two major players Yahoo and Bing.

What does this mean for search engine optimizers?

1. Less top spot for companies to compete. Web sites based on Yahoo search engines such as Ask.com, AOL, and will always be more than top rankings in Google and Bing. All Web sites to combat the now extinct engines leaveto find the entrance to the new market.

2. Volatility will be changed following algorithm for Web traffic. With five search engines, engine algorithm changes to a less significant impact on the number of visitors to a site. A change in an algorithm of the engine could greatly affect your website traffic.

3. Google may finally be out of place at the top. After only two major search engines to leave the door open to competitorsto go in the game and improves the chances of overtaking Bing some market share from Google. SEO also learn new rules on the line to adapt to changes in algorithms and new search engines.

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